Strengthening This Generation To Welcome The Next

“The ICMC is devoted to supporting Cote d’Ivoire’s growing generations by financing key programs in the region to provide medical and social enrichment. We are devoted to total community involvement through a partnership with village leaders. Our management of this project will serve the community for many years to come.”

Village Updates

3-images-bagsICMC is working with Hyppolyte N’Drin and Oscar Kouaho who have identified 100 orphaned children living in the area with some very generous but impoverished families.  To help encourage attendance in  school we bought school supplies and book bags.

Ivory Coast Mothers and Children Foundation would like to share a short video from 2012 before the clinic was completed. Many thanks to donors and the medical professionals who continue to support the ICMC. The first baby was born at the Clinique Patricia Nau de Braffoueby in May 2013.

ICMC together with Emily and Allison Montgomery are spearheading the “Sink Project” to prevent diseases.  The school in Braffoueby has nearly 550 students and there are no sinks to wash their hands. They send a young girl to the well every day with a bucket.  The biggest killers of young children are respiratory infections and diarrhea and both can be prevented with proper hand washing with soap. We want to build 12 sinks, one for each room and supply enough soap to help prevent these diseases.  When the children learn proper hand-washing techniques they pass this on to their families and new habits are formed.  We need donations to make this happen.  Hopefully we can raise enough to build some latrines too!


Thanks to your donations along with the dedicated hours of work by volunteers here in the U.S. and from the village of Braffoueby, the clinic was opened for the first time during the visit by Pat Mertz on August 21, 2012. Further great news is that a retired doctor from Braffoueby who worked in the Abidjan Hospital for years has taken on the task of organization and management during the development of the maternity center and immediate care facility.

Another piece of wonderful news is that the government has agreed to make the clinic semi-private, which means that they have agreed to pay the salaries and build housing on the campus before the end of the year for the nurse and mid-wife. In addition, the state will also pay for the gas and electricity, but the clinic will remain in the ownership of the village rather than the state. The clinic is officially named Clinique Patricia Nau de Braffoueby after the mother of the Founder.

Amanda Pincock, a former Peace Corps volunteer in the Ivory Coast, accompanied Patricia for the grand warm welcome party, complete with brass band and the “Gin Ceremony” that all the villagers attended followed by a private dinner with foutou, attieke and sauce verte.

Gifts galore were brought from the U.S., each finding a thankful villager and creating grateful smiles all around. The gifts included over 250 knitted baby caps made by Nancye (that’s how she spells it) Healy and her friends at Stone Church Knitwits; 60+ dolls, teddy bears and blankets created by Dollies Make a Difference; plenty of uniforms for the doctors, nurses, midwife, the nurse’s aides and the guards sent by Liz Nau; hand made friendship bracelets made by Grace Kelly; and many baby clothes from numerous caring people.

Thank you!!!