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Giving the Gift of Soap and Water

March 2016

Thanks to your support, we have great news: The Hand Washing for Disease Prevention Campaign was a huge success! After just six days, we received a total of $5,160 in pledges and gifts – surpassing our original goal of $5,029!!

We’re now one step closer to achieving our goal of providing 1,600 children with access to sinks and sanitation supplies in the classrooms of four partner schools in the villages of Broffoueby and Becedi.

While we have met our financial requirements, we can continue to raise funds through this campaign until March 19th. Your donation will allow us to secure much-needed additional materials such as soap and towels, while pursuing our mission of enriching the lives of the women and children of the Ivory Coast.

Thank you,

Founder, Ivory Coast Mothers and Children

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Give the Gift of Soap and Water

So many illnesses start with poor hand hygiene. Salmonella, campylobacter (cause of food poisoning, stomach and intestine inflammation), MRSA, flu, diarrhea and sickness, the common cold, and impetigo are just some of the viruses and infections passed between people who do not wash their hands properly with soap.  A UNICEF study reports that the simple act of washing your hands with soap and water can cut diarrheal disease by one-third. The Center for Disease control reports that hand washing education and access to soap in schools can help improve attendance.

Even in light of the Ebola outbreak, many village schools in and around Braffoueby, Ivory Coast, a region devastated by the civil war and poverty, continue to have limited access to running water and soap. Every school day a teacher sends a young girl to the well to fetch a bucket of water, where multiple kids dip their hands into the same bucket, many of whom may not have washed their hands with soap. This same bucket is used as their source of water for the day.  Lack of sanitation, including poor sanitation of washing equipment, leads to disease, which can create life long detrimental effects for children including school dropout.

Through our partnership with the Patricia Nau Clinic, ICMC seeks to reach 1,600 children with access to 28 new sinks and sanitation supplies in the classrooms of four partner schools in the villages of Broffoueby and Becedi. Water fall in the area is abundant and wells are located near the schools.  This project is expected to take 30 days to complete.

The total cost of this project is $5,029.  The project budget includes:

  • 12 sinks and building supplies for 1 school in Braffoueby = $2,000
    • *supplies include pipes, sand, gravel, cement, and paint
  • 16 sinks and building supplies for 3 schools in Becedi = $3,029

Please, help us reach our fundraising goal to save lives and put sinks in the classrooms and teach the proper technique with soap!

All My Best,


Founder, Ivory Coast Mothers and Children

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The Best is Yet to Come

When I started Ivory Coast Mothers and Children (ICMC) back in 2008 with a very devoted group of many kind and daring friends and family, I knew if by some miracle we ever made the Patricia Nau clinic a reality, its success would depend completely on a group of people from Braffoueby taking leadership roles together with the nurse and the midwife. They would be in the best position to determine the needs of the surrounding area and to spread awareness to the women and mothers in need of vital health services. My vision was clear: if this team was to be respected and given the right tools to do their job, and backed by ICMC in the US, the clinic would succeed.

During my stay in Braffoueby last month, I was able to spend time with the men and women who have made that vision a reality.  They share our goal which is to see that the most vulnerable in the community receive the health services they need. I was able to see the strides they’ve made, from encouraging routine health and wellness checkups for the babies to teaching daily disease prevention habits to the many healthy births that are being celebrated throughout the village. Each stride—no matter how small—is significant, because it makes an improvement in the lives of these wonderful people. And it’s an improvement we couldn’t have made without your help.

Thanks to the support of our many generous donors, during this trip we were able to provide the clinic with computers to increase communication and record keeping. Starting in February we are funding a very talented person from Braffoueby, Oscar, to teach the 8 employees how to use them, Google Docs and Google Share so that all of the documents are transparent. Additionally,  we are ready for another monsoon season because the sidewalks are in and the bushes and flowers have been planted. And most importantly, because the village has witnessed ICMC’s ongoing commitment, we were able to solidify a Management Committee made of some of the most influential members of the community to steer the progress and success of the Patrica Nau Clinic — just as we envisioned in the very beginning.

In the coming months I will be excited to share with you more details about the committee members themselves, as well as the initiatives we have put together to make 2016 a year of great progress.

All My Best,


Founder, Ivory Coast Mothers and Children

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