Clinic’s Six Year Anniversary

Thanks to the generosity of many friends and family, friends of friends and people far and wide, we have been able to build and support this clinic for six years supplied with medicine and medical equipment. We are grateful to the dedicated staff who work tirelessly sometimes through the night to save lives and create miracles. View the 6 Year Celebration 2019 Gallery Donate

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Cocktails for Clean Water

Renee Golas hosted a cocktail party at Barr Lupo on March 13, 2017 to raise money to build a cistern for clean water at the clinic. A very special anonymous donor is writing a check for the remaining money necessary to fund the project. The trip to build the cistern is scheduled for November 2017!  The village, the staff at the clinic and ICMC are anticipating this very welcome addition for disease prevention. Thank you to Renee, the donors at the party and an especially generous donor to make this urgent need possible.

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Honoring Ivory Coast Mothers and Children – May 2017

Ivory Coast Mothers and Children was honored in the region of Sikensi on May 1, their Labor Day. Our founder, Patricia Nau Mertz on behalf of ICMC received a certificate for being “a force that stimulates progress.” in the midst of the pomp and circumstance of a parade with colorfully dressed officials and representatives from the villages. Vitamin Angels provided prenatal vitamins for all of the expectant mothers in two villages, as well as vitamins for the children between the ages of 1-5 who are most vulnerable to malnutrition and disease. Thank you to all who donated dolls, toys and clothes for the orphans and brand new baby clothes for the newborns which is an incentive for making prenatal visits. If you would like to get involved or participate in any way for our next trip, please contact us. All donations and love is welcome.

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April 2017 Braffoueby Visit

In April of 2017 Patricia Mertz traveled to the village of Braffoueby with Laura and Matthew Gifford OD of Red Eye Eyewear and Tammy Heldt, Optician at Aardvark Eyewear.  In Sub-Saharan Africa Optometrists are outnumbered 8,000 to 1 leaving many children and adults without access to proper vision care. Together, they screened over 600 people for glaucoma and cataracts, and measured for prescription lenses. They handed out over 1000 pairs of sunglasses and reading glasses and also eye drops for glaucoma and drops for red, itchy eyes thanks to Alcon. The village was grateful for their time, generosity and knowledge. Next September, ICMC will deliver and fit those new glasses and many will be able to see for the first time.

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