Delegate: American Women of International Understanding

January 2019. Patsy will be traveling as a delegate with a group from American Women of International Understanding to Morocco. She will meet the Ambassador, representatives from USAid and different women’s groups in Fez, Marrakech, Rabat and Casablanca. More details to follow.

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Maternal and Newborn Health Care

Maternal and newborn services are the heart of the Patricia Nau Clinic’s operations. The clinic is home to a six-bed labor and delivery ward where our midwife and nursing team facilitate safe and healthy deliveries of over 80 newborns a year.

Core services include pre-natal checks-ups, including blood pressure monitoring, blood testing, as well as referrals for ultra-sounds to partner clinics; labor and delivery services; and post-natal care, including baby-weighing, immunizations, and distribution of post-natal vitamins to new mothers. Mothers experiencing critical financial need are often provided financial assistance to help with monthly food and rental needs.

New initiatives at the clinic include the Jolie Baby Project, which provides baby clothes to new mothers and their newborns as an incentive to have them visit the clinic for regular baby weighing and vaccinations.

Disease Prevention and Treatment 

The clinic’s onsite dispensary compliments our maternal health services by providing basic diagnostic consultations and treatment services for community members experiencing dehydration, malaria, diarrhea, typhoid, and worms. The dispensary hosts a pharmacy as well as a wing with six beds to help patients to rest and recover.

Community Outreach & Health Education

The Sink & Handwashing Project: In April 2016, ICMC joined with Johnson & Johnson to successfully launch a new initiative to combat disease through proper hand washing. The team at the Patricia Nau Clinic will be partnering with 4 local schools to build 28 new sinks what will reach 1,600 children. Outreach campaigns and presentations to demonstrate handwashing techniques will take place throughout the district to enforce and promote good hygiene

The Vitamin Project: In partnership with Vitamin Angels, the team at The Patricia Nau Clinic is planning to distribute free Vitamin A and deworming medication to children under 5 as well as multivitamins to pregnant and nursing mothers. The team is busy designing the project and identifying community partners to help distribute the vitamins.

100 Orphans Project: Throughout 2014 and 2015 The Patricia Nau Clinic provided medical exams, vaccination cards, and school supplies to 100 children who had been orphaned or abandoned by their parents.