Maternal and newborn services are the heart of the Patricia Nau Clinic’s operations. The clinic is home to a six-bed labor and delivery ward where our midwife and nursing team facilitate safe and healthy deliveries of over 80 newborns a year.

Core services include pre-natal checks-ups, including blood pressure monitoring, blood testing, as well as referrals for ultra-sounds to partner clinics; labor and delivery services; and post-natal care, including baby-weighing, immunizations, and distribution of post-natal vitamins to new mothers. Mothers experiencing critical financial need are often provided financial assistance to help with monthly food and rental needs.

New initiatives at the clinic include the Jolie Baby Project, which provides baby clothes to new mothers and their newborns as an incentive to have them visit the clinic for regular baby weighing and vaccinations.

Labor and Delivery

Annual Month of Giving

The Patricia Nau Clinic does not turn anyone away even if that person cannot pay for medication and consultations. By donating just $1, you can provide

a host of medical care. More women are seeking prenatal care and soon there will be ultrasound treatments.


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