Many children in rural West Africa are unable to receive essential routine vaccinations. Many communities in West Africa lack access to resources necessary to provide basic levels of healthcare, especially immunizations. There are 300 children in the villages of Braffoubey, Katadji, and Bacanobu that are lacking routine vaccinations such as typhoid, tetanus, and meningitis.

Providing these children with vaccinations will improve health outcomes and overall quality of life.
In order to address the low rates of literacy while still encouraging participation in the vaccination campaign, we will be following the cultural custom of a town crier as our media platform. We will also involve community leaders in the villages to help promote long term positive health outcomes. And during the vaccination days at the clinic we will provide food as an incentive, due to the long journey many will have to take to get there.

We will vaccinate 300 children in the Braffoueby, Bacanobu, and Katadji villages for $13 per child. The vaccine package will include tetanus, typhoid, and meningitis.


Annual Month of Giving

By donating just $13, you can provide 2 children with these lifesaving vaccines and a warm meal.

By vaccinating children for these preventable diseases, it contributes not only to the child’s health and well-being for many years to come but also the health and productivity of the community. These disease can cause life-long disability and even death. By administering these vaccines, we will help to reduce some of the burden faced by already under-resourced local clinics.


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