Our Mission

Ivory Coast Mothers and Children is a 501(c)3 committed to providing a healthy environment for birthing mothers in the impoverished village of Braffoueby, Cote D’Ivoire, in West Africa. ICMC’s mission – strengthening this generation to welcome the next – was inspired by it’s founder, Patricia Nau Mertz, who experienced first hand the tragic consequences of poverty through her service in the Peace Corps. Although removed from the area in 2002 due to civil war, Patsy remains resolute to the commitments she made to the Ivory Coast.

“I am haunted that I made so many promises to these people; I am haunted that the hope they were given was taken away.”

In the five years since the forced evacuation of US support in Braffoueby the need for health care has only grown. There has been a catastrophic impact of the HIV/AIDS virus and also malaria on childbearing women. Poverty still dominates the area creating unsafe and unsanitary conditions for its residents with minimal access to the benefits of lifesaving medical treatment, technology and nutrition. Securing health first provides the foundation for future growth.

“The sad reality is that babies are born in a completely unsanitary and dangerous environment. These women dream of having a health center; this is a basic necessity we have the ability to provide.”

Because of this, ICMC is committed to support the health care clinic through donations for medical supplies, medicines and equipment. Tha clinic named “Patricia” after the founder’s mother is vital to the people in the region and will provide assistance to expectant mothers during childbirth and treat many diseases. Clean facilities, properly trained medical staff and post natal healthy lifestyle planning will help reduce spread of disease and mounting infant mortality rate which exists in the Ivory Coast. In addition to this valuable service, the center will provide access to deserved medical supplies and will surely empower the people in the community by teaching basic life skills. The Ivory Coast Mothers and Children will solicit grants to ensure success of the clinic, this year and beyond.

“The spirit of these people is infectious. Together with village leaders in Braffoueby, design/build experts, committed volunteers and generous funders, we can make this clinic a reality.”

Ivory Coast Mothers and Children is an organization devoted to total community involvement to ensure long term success of its mission in 2008 and beyond.

Ivory Coast Mothers & Children
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